Wisdom and talents sound differently but are good partners. They work hand in hand to help an individual attain his or her destiny. Talents not handled with wisdom will make the individual to crash land but with wisdom, talents are brought out of the dungeon and dignify the user.

Talent is a supernatural gift from God to humans, it is different from knowledge. Talent is what you are born with, that gives you unique skills and easy abilities. What we do with our talent(s) is the gift we give back to God. Ephesians 2: 10. Some are multi-talented with divinely bestowed gifts which are to be used for God’s glory but many have misplaced their priorities and used their God-given talents to serve the devil. They started well in the house of God but ended up using the talent against God.

Wisdom directs us in the use of our talents for the things of God. Wisdom is the principal thing, the ability to think and act according to the will of God, the ability to apply the talent given by God to the glory of God. The best thing Christians can do is to reach those who do not know Him through the talents given to us. Exodus 35:10. He cannot take back anything from us except praises and honoring Him with the free talents given to us. When we use our talents to honor God and bless others, we are obeying the instruction given to us in Matthew 22: 37 – 40 which is a perfect application of wisdom.

When you effectively use your talent for God, you will grow in the wisdom of God because He will instruct and direct the affairs of how to make use of the talents, He will keep replenishing and increasing those who follow His will according to the talents given to them. He gradually molds those who choose to honor Him but on the contrary, the devil gives temporary glory and fame to those who choose to use their talents for him and eventually destroys them in their prime.
Some have talents and keep it, (Matthew 25: 14 -30, Luke 19: 11 – 27), bringing up different excuses, some need a mentor to build up their talents, while some do not worry of any abilities. The harvest is much but the laborers is few. Beloved, God has given us a divine mandate and different gifts to fulfill it. Search for yours now with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit if you are yet to discover it, it is that thing you can easily do while others are challenged at doing it. God Has interest in it for His glory. If you are keeping it, it is high time, bring it out and reconcile with your creator and if you need a mentor, God will send a divine one to you. We will definitely give account of the precious gifts bestowed on us after this vain world.

Meanwhile, as we are trying to fulfill Gods mandate with our talents, we should never forget the power of wisdom. The application of wisdom to talent is the catalyst that turns potentials into high performance. Wisdom will also assist in making us remain humble while we use our talents. When God sees the ability to handle a talent with wisdom, He deposits more into you. I Peter 4:10 – 11. When you are diligent in little, He will hand over bigger talents to you. Biblical examples of those with the gift of God in the Bible include Joseph, David, Samson, King Solomon among others and from the biblical records and understanding, we can deduce how they made use of the God’s given talents/gifts given to them either for God or otherwise.

In our time too, we have different gifts/talents that we can identify among young adults and these include singing, writing, art and drawing, playing musical instruments, public speaking, teaching and training skills, leadership skills, ministerial gifts among others. All these are instinctively given to proclaim the glory of God through our lives and to serve others especially for the proclamation of the gospel of God. May God grant us the wisdom to use our gifts for Him and His glory in the name of Jesus. Amen. Oyeleye, O.R
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