The sovereignty of God means He is the one in charge. He has the authority and everything is under His control. Therefore, God has the supremacy to do everything according to His own will, pleasure and time. Our ways are not His, what we think has been arranged perfectly, might take a total alternate channel with God. He has the ability to do and allow whatever He desires. (Psalm 115:3). No one can question Him. He is the most wise, no other ways to succeed but through Him.

As Christians and His followers, we need to understand and take note of the power of His supremacy in our journey in life. Beloved, when we are in the waiting period, we need His sovereignty to take priority. When we have good plans in our ways, we need His sovereignty to take place for us to follow. When we need answers to prayers, we need to follow the order of His supremacy. As we realize His supremacy, we can gladly hand over our problems, worries, delays and pains to Him.

The reflection of His sovereignty can be seen in His words. When He has said it, then He will do it. It is the power of His sovereignty that authorized heaven and the earth into his place (Colossians 1:16). The supremacy of His power made Him to decide that He will create man in His own likeness.

As Christians, honoring His supremacy will ensure we act and walk according to the will of God. We will be able to walk in His light. He gives edge and peace above others, even if it seems all is rough and others are running ahead smoothly. Delay might be the best method with God to prepare you for the greatest achievement above others. His supremacy might be to test our faith, trust and obedience in Him. He might be preparing His servant for great future tasks. No one can question or predict His supremacy or authority.

Therefore, as children of the most supreme God, in all our endeavors, we need not be anxious about anything in this vain world. He has given us the weapon of prayers to present our needs to Him (Phillipians 4:6). We should pray always, relentlessly until something happens and rejoice with thanksgiving (I Thessalonian 5: 16–18). All He request for our prayers is faith and Obedience. He has authority over any situation, even before we ask. The great privilege is to call Him as did His disciples on the stormy sea.
May God grant us the grace to always accept His Sovereignty in our journey in life.

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