It was a bright Wednesday morning in a city in West Africa. Workers and other commuters had got on the road, heading to their businesses as usual. Mrs Osatrips was also on her way to work this morning. She stopped over at her usual filling station to get her tank filled for the rest of the week. The petrol attendant then introduced a product that will make her fuel last and ensure her engine performs optimally. This attendant was not the first to introduce this to Mrs Osatrips, but she had rejected the offer blatantly and severally. The attendant this day persevered, explaining the profitable mechanisms of the oil. He did until he got her convinced and she purchased the oil. She then remarked, no one has ever taken this time to explain to me this far, maybe I would have bought it before now.
In our Christian faith, there are reasons for us to go the extra mile in ensuring we get results. In Luke 18:1-8, the Lord told the parable of the widow and the unjust judge. The widow demanded justice from the judge severally and he declined. She persevered until the judge the judge had no option than to yield to her pressures. In our Christian faith, there are times we have taken some needs to the lord over and over again, and it seems answers are not coming. We must never be discouraged and choose to quit praying or serving God altogether. He is a faithful God, he will sure answer us no matter how long it seems we have prayed. We must therefore continue to pray until something happens [PUSH]. Our hope in the lord must not grow weary but stronger. Think of Abraham who waited for the promise of a child for so many years. He believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness. No matter how discouraged you are, please don`t give up. Persevere a little more, the results will come, the light will soon breakthrough and you will sing for joy.
Some other time, it may be that you have laboured so much in the field of souls and it seems we are not getting results. We then begin to grow weary and are almost giving up. Before you do, remember Hudson Taylor who laboured among the red Indians for so long without results, his health was affected but he did not give up. Later on, he got his results after years of effort. There are also children, whom their parents had prayed for their conversion throughout their years and never witness it. These children then get converted when their parents had gone to glory. God is not wicked to forget our labour and souls to be saved. He is not willing that any man should perish [2 peter 3:9], he will open up their hearts and bring them to the lord, if we are not weary in the work of love.
Our goals in life could also be delayed by one reason or the other. The desire for higher educational attainment, the need to marry, need for children, need for promotion and other earthly pursuits could also get us weary. Dear reader, the lord knows every bitter weary way, he will show up. He will give beauty for ashes and make you sing the song of praise. Keep moving on, God hasn’t forgotten you.
As the saints in Christ are persevering on a good course, please remember the enemy and his cohorts are not giving up on anyone. They want you to turn your back to the way of righteousness and do all that is in their power to get you discouraged and fall into sin and temptations. They will bring difficult situations across your path, but you must remained toughened in Christ in Jesus and never give up. Think of Joseph and the wife of Potiphar; this woman pressured him to fall into sin, but he was unyielding. He thought of his master here on earth- Potiphar, and then the great master in heaven, who sees all that is done in secret. He refused to yield up his earthly dreams and the heavenly rest that awaits steadfast souls. Even when the enemy and tempters pressure you so sore. Keep looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Whatever your situation and the peculiarity of your case, hold the forth, don’t give up persevere and be a VICTOR!

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