Elijah was a man of God

Strong and fiery too

He had led Israel back to God

Called down fire from heav’n


Ahab the king had gone ahead

And told Jezebel

All that prophet Elijah did

Got baal’s prophets slain


Then sent the queen a messenger

Say to Elijah

So let the gods do unto me

If I kill thee not


And when he heard that he arose

Fled for his dear life

And went into the wilderness

He was so distressed


Discouragement took hold of him

He wanted to die

Though for God he’d taken his stand

And fought a just cause


And as he laid under the tree

An angel touched him

And said to him arise and eat

The journey is great


And after this Elijah came

Thither to a cave

The Lord’s word then came unto him

What doest thou here


He answered and said to the Lord

Jealous have I been

For they have thrown thine altars down

Slain thine prophets too


And even I only I’m left

And they seek my life

But the Lord said to him return

I’ve more work for you


Jehu shalt thou anoint the king

Over my people

Elisha you will anoint too

Prophet in thy stead


Had his life been taken away

As previously asked

He  won’t complete his ministry

His work won’t be done


Probably you are in the state

Of discouragement

And like Elijah you’re depressed

And full of despair


Discouragement is satan’s tool

To get you slowed down

And to make sure you don’t fulfill

God’s great plan for you


No matter what the problem is

In your life or work

Friend don’t allow discouragement

To get hold of you


Do take your burdens to the Lord

He will bear them all

Don’t give in to discouragement

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