Life is a journey. It is a journey we commenced several years ago when we were born. So many lessons we have learnt along our path in life. We are still learning, and can’t be done with it, as long as we are still alive. Just like while on a physical journey on a highway, so many vehicles flock the road, racing towards same direction, but their eventual destinations will be different. Some vehicles, you thought were going your way, will branch off. The ones you think aren’t on your path, will soon cross you, sometimes later in the journey

Everyone on the lane of life, aim at different goals and even eternal destinies. We buy in the same market, live in the same compound, attend the same school, work in the same office, but our eternal destinations are different. We are either on our way to eternal bliss- heaven or on the path to eternal destruction-hell. Every decision we take, and every action and inaction will eventually spell where we will end up.

If you are saved, sanctified and abiding in Christ, you are on your way to heaven. If you shun salvation, had backslidden, playing smart hypocrite or a secret backslider, you know where you are heading to, don’t you? The good thing is, you can cross from the path of destruction and be on your way to heaven. Accept Jesus today! Jettison backsliding, compromise and hypocrisy. He gave his blood to redeem you. Come, as he invites you to come. No longer delay, be on your way to eternal bliss.

While driving on a city highway, you will learn that the race is not to the swift. There are people who will overtake you for one reason or the other, but as soon as they drive to overtake, there is a stationary vehicle at the lane on which they are headed to; and then they have to slow down. In life, sometimes the first becomes last and the last becomes first. We need constant plug to the source of grace, so this negative prophesy does not get fulfilled in our lives. We must watch, pray and obey God’s word at all times. We must run the race set before us with patience. (Hebrews 12:1)

In a busy mega city that is prone to traffic jam, you never can tell which day or which time a particular route will be blocked. Private vehicles result to google maps and traffic radio while commercial vehicles either call their colleagues, who had gone ahead or ask oncoming vehicles for information. No one knows tomorrow. God knows all things. We can listen to His gentle voice to guide us along the wilderness of life. God is ready to guide us, in little and inconsequential issues and even in major and dicey decisions.We must cultivate the habit of obeying the Spirit’s small voice. He gives us peace, while dropping steps to take in our minds. He can also guide us through dreams, scriptures, impressions, restraints and audible voice. We must make Him our senior partner and friend as he guides us through life. He will never miss it. While in difficult or uncertain situations, we must be patient and seek counselling. Do not take rash decisions that can damn your soul. We must learn from mistakes of Bible characters. Their accounts were written for our learnings, so we do not fall into the mistakes into which some of them fell and ended in destruction. (Romans 15:4, 1Corinthians 10:5-11)

On this lane of life, we must focus on our destinations without unnecessary distractions. The devil and his cohorts will flash some distractions; to ensure we do not land safely. The athlete competing for medals does not look sideways, nor glance at the spectators. “No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life: that he may please him, who hath chosen him to be a soldier” (2Tim2: 4). Don’t misplace your priorities here on earth, think of eternity. Don’t give satan consent, when he invites you to commit sin and deny your Lord. No matter how inviting and juicy the offer looks, do not agree if it contradicts the word of God in any way. The devil will sure paint them and make them look harmless, but, be dogged and maintain your steadfast stand.

There may be a dilemma in choosing the right or picking up the wrong. Choose to do the right, even if the consequence looks scary. Getting afraid of the right route that looks rough, to then travel on the wrong smooth lane, will lead you astray and not home. Your Savior is strong enough to preserve you, if you remain steadfast and endure till the end. Be wise!!

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