It was a warm evening in Misty City. Sister Bliss searched endlessly for her back scratcher to relieve the sensations on her back. She reached out in her bag where she earlier kept it and mused “but I kept it here yesterday.” She later found it in the same bag after searching elsewhere without success. Sometimes we look for things around the house, not out of carelessness, but because of impatience to persist where we felt they were kept. We search further elsewhere, we go farther, searching and searching desperately, and we sometimes pray in our hearts for Jesus to lead us to where those things were kept. We do find them many a time in the same place where we had searched before. Today, our solution still lies in the same place, it is found in Jesus.

No matter how far we had wandered, and how desperate we felt looking for solutions to our challenges, the answer is still in Jesus. He commanded that we ask and it shall be given, seek and we shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto us (Matthew 7:7). All our problems can be solved by Jesus in the same place of prayer. You might have searched for help in places you felt you may find them; at the hospital for your health, to a friend for comfort and care, to a parent for guidance, to a pastor for counsel, maybe to a bank to borrow money, or probably to a false prophet, thinking of the need for a higher power. Wherever you had wandered, come back to the source of life, that same place of prayer and faith in our loving Savior- Jesus.

As you come to the place of prayers, you must double-check to ensure you have fulfilled the conditions for getting your prayers answered. Check and be sure your life is clean and pure with no sins to hinder or mar your prayers. Double-check and be sure your account is clear with God and you are not opposed to Him in any way. Then check out the promise of God that matches the challenge you have. There is a promise in the Bible, for every challenge. The word of God is a powerful weapon to combat challenges of any form. Have faith in the word of God. Have faith in the testimonies of the scriptures and those shared at Bible-believing gatherings. Have faith, problems are still solved in the same place of prayer.

You may need to use different approaches, but it is the same place of prayer. You can pray alone, pray with another believer, pray in a congregation, pray with fasting and prayer, pray during a vigil, or be prayed for by another believer, whichever approach we use, it is still the same place of prayer. When we pray, impossibilities become possible, difficulties get resolved, mountains move, puzzles are solved, and confusion and calamities are turned into calmness. You may have tried without success before now, please try again, ask again, knock again and seek again in faith. God still gives answers in the same place of prayer.

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