You’ve got a business plan
You discuss with a friend
Not only just a friend
A “christian brother” too

His job for you is this
To give you good advice
And to help to supply
The goods you plan to sell

He gives the estimate
Of the cost of the goods
These are all genuine ones
You know this is my field

In addition to this
You know I can’t mislead
You are my Christian friend
You are my brother too

You pay him to supply
After some bargaining
You wait for the supply
Your business soon to start

The goods arrive at last
You’re glad it didn’t take long
These products are the best
You nodded in return

The first customer comes
Do you have so and so
And of this quality
I would want nothing less

With a great confidence
You give a guarantee
Suspected no foul play
Until one day at noon

The weather was so hot
You sat outside the store
Awaiting customers
The day’s sale has been slow

Then drove in Mr K
You recognized his face
You greeted him with joy
He has come for more goods

But he didn’t answer you
Rather went to his car
And started bringing back
The goods he earlier bought

I thought you gave to me
The products which I asked
These are all fake and bad
I won’t take them at all

He is creating a scene
Your neighbours come in now
What’s happening in your store
Why this customer’s shout

You showed them what he brought
The goods you sold days back
He wants his money back
His millions he won’t lose

These are so fake they quipped
Who supplied these to you
So dumbfounded you are
So ashamed to reply

One neighbour then goes out
He rushes to his store
A sample there to bring
That is original

The difference is so clear
Your brother deceived you
So he could make quick gains
The goods were sold to you

You begin to wonder
Who then can we now trust
If my own Christian friend
Will do this unto me

Uncommon now it is
Integrity to find
Even within the fold
Where it should e’er reside

Dishonesty abounds
And unfaithfulness too
Hardly now can you trust
Or depend on a friend

You have borrowed some cash
But refused to repay
You have been lent some things
But you won’t return them

You play being so smart
At someone’s detriment
But then under the guise
Of being a Christian

Friend is your yea still yea
And is your nay still nay
Can we depend on you
And not regret we did

Wanting within the fold
Is integrity now
But this priceless virtue
Ensure you never lose.

If this virtue you’ve lost
It’s good you repent now
For it will be too late
After the trumpet sound

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