He was so lost in thoughts; he didn’t realize that his wife came in. “Honey,” she called loudly, giving him a jolt, “how come you didn’t notice I was back? He was seated in his now dusty library, and was flipping through a Christian literature he had read years ago. The title was “a sincere categorization”, it focused on the parable of the ten virgins in Matthew chapter twenty-five. The book had laid there a couple of years untouched. Despite this, he remembered every detail since he read it then, over and again. “When last did I have time to read something like this?” he shook his head sadly.

Close to the book was his old Bible commentary, it had gathered some dust just like the book. He also sighted his well-marked old Bible, and his faded quiet time jotter. Also close by was a notebook in which he had written the names of some converts for daily intercession. He remembered how he would pray until they get established in the faith; some of them have gone on evangelistic missions to foreign lands, while some had gone ahead of him, to their rewards. They finished strong and joined the saints triumphant.

He also remembered how he would be on his knees interceding for the church. “Once upon a time, I was on fire,” he said with a sad look. Presently, he could hardly pray for fifteen minutes without dozing off or having wandering thoughts. His quiet time was always snap shot, sometimes not even observed at all, so he could catch the staff bus. He remembered a paragraph he had memorized in the first chapter of the book, “the coming of the Lord is near, it is wisdom on our part to get ready, for whether we get ready or not, the Bridegroom will come at the time appointed”.

He wondered if he was actually ready for the trumpet sound, considering his current lukewarm state. His wife was not in any way better, she was an expert at discussing other people’s matters. She could tolerate any chit-chat for hours non-stop, but prayer time is also dozing time for her. Hardly would she attend any weekly service, her schedule for the week couldn’t accommodate that. This was a woman whose fervency endeared her to heaven. She was known as a prayer warrior and committed soul winner. She had been saved for close to thirty years.

He narrated his thoughts to her and informed her of the need for each of them to do a sincere self-assessment and categorization. There were only two categories of virgins in the parable, so they were either wise or foolish. There was no gainsaying, they had become cold and lethargic as the years dragged on. Although he was still seen as active in the church, he knew he hasn’t measured up to heaven’s standard. His wife also realized her soul’s pitiable and sorry state, and they both went on their knees in prayers for restoration and revival.

Friend, how is your soul faring? Are you a wise or foolish virgin? Is your lamp still burning bright? How lukewarm or cold are you? How deeply gone in slumber? How faithful in service? How fervent in prayers? How committed to soul-winning? How lackadaisical about spiritual things? How close to the Saviour? How distant? How ready are you for home? Remember fervent or lukewarm, the Bridegroom will come. Faithful or unfaithful, truly holy or hypocritical, He will appear in the skies. Slumbering or awake, He will come for His own.

Doa sincere self-assessment and categorization before it is too late. It is not enough to say you are ready, are you truly ready? Is the Master satisfied with your current state? Do you have all it takes to fly and soar at the trumpet sound? Is there a weight that would hold you down? Pray now, so you don’t pray too late. Repent and make amends while you may. Remember, ready or not ready, the trumpet will sound. May we not be disappointed at the trumpet sound or miss going with the Bridegroom. Amen

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