Mathew 2: 1 – 13; James 3:1-12
Beloved, the ability to know when to talk and when to keep silent is a great virtue that all Christians should have. When you are guided by the Holy Spirit, He will encompass all your decisions, and will teach you when to talk and when not to. When you are to talk, He will teach you what to say. Heaven and earth were created with the power of the word of God, even the decision to create man was pronounced with His word. (Genesis 1: 1 – 31). Our God values words a great deal, likewise the devil. God makes use of the power of our words through prayers to help His children; the reason He promised to teach us what and how to pray, even when we are void of what to say during prayers. Satan always seeks to accuse Christians through their negative words, in order to keep them in bondage. He fears prayerful Christians because they have power with the positive confessions of words. Our words are powerful.

The tongue is a small part of the body, and can make or mar its owner. It can make its owner to be like a deadly poison, or a gentle dove. It can be a light to achieve destiny, or encourage darkness to destroy destiny. (Proverbs 8: 6 – 7, 12:6, 13:3, 14:3, 15:1, James 3:6). Our mouth is an oracle of God, and the tongue is the altar within, out of it should proceed good always and not a mixture of good and evil. The Bible says that we will decree a thing and it shall be established, (Job 22:28) that is the power of the tongue. Therefore, it needs to be spiritually guided. A porous mouth is a porous destiny.

The devil is roaming about, seeking whom to devour (I Peter 5:8). Christians that cannot tame their tongues and watch their utterances, especially during the time of temptation, will fall prey to devil. The days are full of evil, but the powerful, positive words that God’s children pronounce will redeem the days. Be watchful and not fall into the devil’s trap and bondage through negative words. Beloved, the words that proceed out of our mouth must show the light of God in us. In Matthew chapter 2, God guided the three wise men to tame their tongue not to report back to king Herod to protect the destiny of Jesus Christ. Despite obeying the guidance of God through the angel, the mistake of already spoken words by these men claimed the lives of innocent children. May the Lord help us to diligently tame our tongue in Jesus name. Amen.

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