Someone needs your love

Your cheerful smile and caring heart

Someone close to you

You never knew is sad and lone


Someone needs your care

They’re struggling through life all alone

Wishing for someone

To say my friend how do you do


Someone needs your talk

They seem all alone in the world

Someone needs your ear

To listen to their silent cry


Someone needs your smile

They’re so depressed and full of care

And they wish they have

A friend on whose shoulders they’ll lean


Someone needs your words

That’ll reassure them life is bright

For all they can see

Is gloomy days and darkened skies


Someone needs your pray’r

To have more strength to run the race

Their knees are so weak

They’re fainting from their fiery strife


Someone needs your frown

To get them going the right path

When they compromise

Decide the world’s bidding to do


Someone needs to hear

The Saviour’s loving words from you

When they feel they’ve sinned

And can’t be restored to the Lord


Someone needs your food

They’ve not eaten for many days

While you choose and pick

Delicacies so delicious

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