Sin is damning and sin is dangerous

Sin is destructive and sin is deadly

Sin is deforming and sin is defaming

Sin is damaging and sin is deafening


Sin is Satan Induced Nature

Sin is Satan’s Identity Number

Sin is Satan’s Imprinted Name

Sin is Satan’s Imparted Norms


Run from sin before you’re ruined

Stop that sin before you’re stopped

Cease from sin before you’re seized

Reject that sin before you’re rejected


Accommodate no sin, no sin so little

Accept no sin, no sin to love

Abide in no sin, no sin to live in

Adjust to no sin, no sin to toy with


Sin leads to hell, an eternity of shame

Sin debars from Heaven’s everlasting joy

Sin damages your health, you pine away

Sin destroys happiness and anything good


Cover up sin and know no prosperity

Cast away that sin and be freed

Confess that sin and have mercy

Come to the Lamb of God and be saved


Christ, the Solution to Sin, call on Him

Christ, the Sin bearer, confess to Him

Christ, the Substitute, cry to Him

Christ, the Saviour, come to Him


Come confessing, He will cleanse

Come repenting, He’ll forgive

Come forsaking, He’ll accept

Come surrendering, He will save


Come now He wants you home

Come now before too late

Come now while still you may

Come now make no delay

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