The eagle has a keen eyesight with a visual acuity that is 5 times that of humans. This eyesight is designed to spot preys at a very long distance, since eagles are predators. As humans, we are also keen to see whatever it is we determine and set our minds at seeing. Have you wondered why everyone who passed looked like the man you desperately wanted to see while at a waiting room? It is because you had set your mind to see such at that moment.

Sales men and representatives do not joke with opportunities to promote their markets. They engage you, even when you are reluctant. The less skilled hawkers and marketers are similar as well. The other time, I drove in traffic, and hoped to keep my purse away from onlookers, the woman hawking goods at my side spotted me quickly and thought I wanted to patronize her. Even when you take a second or prolonged look at hawkers, you are immediately presumed at wanting to patronize them. Some shop owners will greet you for the sake of their sales. It is topmost in their minds, and so they spot prospects easily.

The lord Jesus commanded us to preach His coming kingdom and this he repeated for emphasis. It was even His parting message as recorded in all the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). Christ came to the world for this singular purpose, and gave His very blood to ensure the human race is rescued from darkness into His marvelous light. This is paramount in Jesus’ heart as He later reiterated to Peter and other disciples when they got distracted and went fishing. Jesus demonstrated this too, He seized every opportunity to talk to the lost and rescued them from impending judgement. Jesus delegated His disciples and followed up on what they did as He held them accountable

The Apostles of Christ made every effort to see that the gospel reached every continent of the world. The grace of Jesus that you and me know and enjoy today was because they were dedicated to spread the gospel around the world. It was because Apostle Paul was keen at reaching out to the gentiles, that he saw the vision through the Spirits enablement, to come to Macedonia and help. It was still this passion that stirred him up to witness on mount Areopagus in the land of Athens. We will only see opportunities when we are passionate about a particular thing.
We can go on and on, day in day out, and not see any reason to witness. We can even sit beside a dying man and only wish him quick recovery and pity his state without thinking of the possibility of his sliding into eternity unprepared. How many of such has slipped us by, and the next we see is their obituary. God have mercy on us! How I wish we have the sharp and keen eyesight of the eagle so we can see and seize every opportunity to rescue the lost. Remember, opportunity lost may never be regained.

We meet people on daily basis, do we relate our discussions to eternity? People’s consciousness is heightened at this Covid-19 pandemic period. How many of our discussions, on strange happenings in today’s world, have we related to pointing people to Christ? Do we awaken their dead spirit man to Christ’s imminent return? Is it when we don’t even seize such opportunities, that we will make deliberate efforts to include witnessing in our daily/weekly schedules? Lord please give us eagles eye on the lost!!

Dear readers, as long as we believed on Christ, the big responsibility of witnessing to the lost world has been handed over to us. Woe unto us, if we do not preach the gospel. We must find ways to fuel this passion, so we can ensure the lost in our neighborhoods, communities and societies, are reached with the saving grace of Jesus. You can do it! I can too!! If we only allow him fuel our passion.

We read His word, so we see the lost with the eye with which He sees them. We should associate with people who have passion, so we ignite ours. Iron sharpens iron, so says the scriptures. We must pray for the lost in our families, churches and communities. Make this one of your prayer points, rather than concentrating on earthly things. We must do all that is in our power to ensure we fulfill this great commission. May heaven find me and you faithful. (Amen).

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