The world is undergoing constant change. No phase in our present generation remained the same as it was few decades ago. Think of information technology – sophisticated computers and cell phones are rolled out on yearly if not monthly basis. Automobiles are constantly being refined. Most analogue equipment are becoming digital. What of the field of banking and its whole lot of improvements? How about medicine, surgery and the likes? The fashion world is not left out, new fades and styles comes in every moment.

Hmmm…, How about Jesus, the Bible, the Church and Christians? Jesus, the same yesterday, today and forever. Our Lord and Savior has not changed. He is still merciful, loving, holy, faithful, and eternal. The Bible, being the word of God is infallible, its truth unchanging. No jot or tittle will fall out of the word of God. Every information is true and every promise and prophecies will surely come to pass.

Let’s consider the Church and Christians. A lot of things have changed in the church of God. Our once fervent and fiery pulpit is becoming cold and drowsy; our pews are dry and famished. You wonder why this, has God changed and is the word of God and the Holy Spirit non-existent anymore? Just as you know the answer; God, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit are constant. They’ve not changed.

The changing phases in the world have made us as Christians who make up the church to also change, shifting grounds. Little angles of deviation on which we have continued has moved us so far away from the original closeness we have with our Saviour. The world which is given to change has made us to forget the word of God which says meddle not with them that are given to change.

Our convictions on holy living, integrity, separation from the world and the likes have all been affected by the systems of the world. The sights that dazzle have invited us and we have learnt their dance steps and responded to their piping. Little changes here and there have eventually acted like little drops of water which has made an ocean of evil.

How is our Saviour, who commanded us to flee all appearances of evil seeing us now, with all our ‘it doesn’t matter after all’? The Lord is solemnly calling us to our first love, fervency, uprightness, yes I mean our pureness and distinction. He, as a never changing Saviour knocks at the door of our hearts so he could take His place again.

Get all the things that has dethroned him out, and let Him be the Lord of your life again. By Lord, I mean a friend, a master and an attorney. Can you picture Him, with pitiful look wanting to embrace His child who had been wandering?

Why not bow to Him in humble realization and surrender and let him lead you to Calvary- the place where He suffered for you. He’s waiting.

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