It was a Saturday evening in a city in West Africa. The commuters were gradually returning home as the daylight faded into dimness and the night was fast approaching. Mrs Olu-Phelps had been busy with her very active kids and the numerous house-chores that characterized the weekend. She rounded up mending the kids’ clothes and stood up to go prepare the dinner. Taking a glance at the living room, the kids had disorganized it with their toys and other household items littered the place. She remembered her husband would soon be home and quickly diverged to tidy up. Her husband, Timothy Olu-Phelps disliked such a scene, especially when returning home. They had discussed this earlier on, and she was mindful not to offend him on this evening. She therefore took action out to love, to quickly get the litters off before cooking dinner.

Jesus ascended to heaven and left His bride, the church to keep obeying Him, pleasing Him and doing His will. He gave His bride the garment of righteousness which must not be soiled by sin, the world nor any of its fancies. Christ died to make His church spotless, sanctified and holy. He will soon be returning to take his spotless clean bride to His home on high.

The scriptures told the parable of the wise and foolish virgins who were waiting for the bridegroom. The wise, out of wisdom, took extra oil for their lamps, while the foolish rationalized on the time he will be coming. The bridegroom eventually came in the dead  of (the) night. Their lamps had gone out, and it was only those who had extra oil that could go with the bridegroom, with their lamps trimmed and burning bright. The foolish however, went in search of oil, when the time was no more. The bridegroom had shut the door, what a pity! Their assumption costed them so dearly.

The signs of the time are here. Saying this is injury time is to say the least. We must be prepared to meet with our Saviour, any time He shows up. We must be ready. Math 24:32 encourages us to discern the times, just like the Israelites discerned the nearness of summer with fig trees’ buddings. The current events in the world is sounding aloud the very fact that ‘The Bridegroom cometh!

How prepared are you? Is your garment of righteousness still spotless or have you stained it with sin, worldliness, compromise, corruption and the likes? There is time to repent now, and quickly put your house in order, just as Mrs Olu-Phelps quickly did towards her husband’s return. Settle that thing that your conscience condemns you about. Don’t gloss over it. Don’t be presumptuous. Put your house in order for the Bridegroom cometh!!

What about service and ministry handed over to you by the Lord? How have you fared? If you should give report of your stewardship today, will you be ashamed before the one who gave you the assignment? Buckle your shoes, tighten your belt and do His service in a way that will earn you ‘Well done faithful servant!’ Think about the souls you are to win. Get a plan on how to practically reach out to them. The talent He gave you to profit with, dig it out from where you buried it. You were giving excuses on doing God’s service, but now, Get at it! Ask for His grace to enable you. He will never give you an assignment without His support. He is not a taskmaster that would give a job without the resources. Be willing, and then, there will sure be the way to get it done. His grace is more than enough for you. Are you ready to meet Him? The Bridegroom cometh!!!


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