Life is ebbing out, put it to good use
Idle not away, trifle not with time
Every second counts, wastage isn’t wise
Realign your thoughts, so your life can count

There are thieves of time, that the souls unwise
Fall easy prey to, while life ebbs away
Fall not for these things, lest you should regret
When this life is o’er, and the Judge you face

Sleep can steal your time, idle words can too
Watching videos can, and the TV too
Games on various phones, and the internet
In our current time, can all waste your life

In the bid to keep in touch with our friends
On social media, quality time spend
Reaching out to friends, not a sin it is
But a thief of time, it can really be

When it’s time to pray, and read the Bible
That’s the time the flesh, will say you’re tired
When you press your phone, for hours unending
It will never kick, nor resist you too

When you sit with friends, and you talk and talk
Edifying words, not the discuss point
After all the talk, and some gossip too
All you have achieved, is a waste of life

During the lockdown, what did you achieve
Possibly more sleep, or more time to waste
How many of us, invested in souls
And the very work, that interests the Lord

How many of us, took more time to pray
How many of us, read the Bible more
How many of us, grew closer to God
How many of us, only gained more fat

Every time we waste, we cannot regain
So we should be wise, in our use of time
Knowing life is brief, and like vapour too
We should not allow, any thief of time

Invest in your life, ’twill soon fade away
Spend your time on things, that will profit you
Let the seconds counts, and the minutes too
Let not your life slip, away from your hand

Life is ebbing out, with every tick tock
Life is ebbing out, one day we’ll be gone
Life is ebbing out, waste no bit of it
Life is ebbing out, make good use of it

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