Diverse Group of Children Studio Shot

There was a time when families had so many children. Some did, so the children could help them with their business, which was mostly farming; while others do as a means of security for their old age. Some others do for reasons best known to them.

The newer generations’ family sizes had turned down smaller and smaller. People’s mentality had changed, and there are medical inventions which helped couples have fewer children so they can give them the best of upbringing.

However, there is a family that keeps expanding and still seeking for more children to adopt. The Father has all the riches to give his numerous children the very best despite his nonstop adoption to his already large family. You wonder what kind of of a Family is that? It is the Family of God.

Our Father seeks sinners to be adopted to His Family. He sure has all the riches to take care of everyone. He is limitless. His sufficiency is boundless. You don’t have to die a sinner when the richest king of the universe opens his door of adoption to you. Come into the fold today and inherit boundless treasures.

The economy of the world does not affect this family. Its ideology and plan does not change over time. The Father is waiting for you now. Won’t you run into his open arms?

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