Maybe that’s why we’re so sad

May be reason for the tears

Maybe that’s what we’ve not learnt

Simply trusting Him


Maybe that’s why we’re not where

We ought to be at this time

Because we have failed to learn

Complete trust in Him


Feeling we should be in charge

Trying to make all ends meet

Leaving out our faithful Guide

And not trusting Him


Trying to joggle the odds

Asking people all around

Believing it’s hard to wait

Rarely trusting Him


Thinking the Lord is too late

Fearing it’ll get out of hand

And we will lose all control

Should we trust Him still


Agitated and anxious

We run from pillar to post

Fretful of what may betide

Never trusting Him


Sometimes we think our path clear

And no need to ask from God

We falter then run back home

Feebly trusting Him


However wise we may seem

He is Master over all

And it’s important to have

Daily trust in Him


He’s so concerned about us

Our faithful and loving Lord

Compassionate and so kind

Wants us to trust Him


Complete trust is not easy

Conflicting thoughts will be there

Negative situations

Would impair our trust


Storms will surely rock our boats

And the tempests too will rage

But surely we cannot sink

While we’re trusting Him


He is faithful to His word

He is God He cannot fail

Although answers seem delayed

Keep on trusting Him


Trust Him through the darkest night

Trust Him in the stormy sea

Trust Him morning noon and night

Constantly trust Him


While trusting obey His words

Don’t cut corners do not sin

Rely on His strength and grace

Till the end trust Him

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