LUKE 1:45, PROVERBS 13:12
Fulfillment means to be satisfied. Fulfillment is a personal experience, what makes you fulfilled is different from what makes another. We all labour to achieve diverse aims in life and when we achieve these aims, we claim to be fulfilled and give testimonies of what God has done. Dear readers, the word fulfillment goes beyond worldly achievements. As followers of Jesus Christ, there are unique assignments given to individuals to pursue in life, it is your mission statement and the reason you were created. No one is created void, we are to fulfill Christ’s mandate, as He fulfilled the sacrificial mandate for us to be saved.

Different factors influence the attainment of the project destined into our hands by our Creator. Some of these missions are choked up by the struggles of life, family problems and pressures, riches, worldly cares, position attainment, personal desires, among others. Some are not even aware of their God-given potentials. Therefore, many in their circle of influence are not benefitting from these potentials too.

It is very unfortunate that many have died unfulfilled, despite the fact that their biography is filled up with mundane attainments and riches; in their biography before God and His mandate for their lives, they have little or nothing. They acquire worldly vain things, they sought wealth that will waste away with no gain. Beloved readers, the greatest fulfillment in life, which no amount of money can buy, is the fulfillment of God’s mandate for you, on earth. He will demand this on our return back to Him. We are all on a pilgrimage, we are to be clear on our life’s goals and mission for our destinies as we journey through life. As Christians, for us to enjoy the beauty of being created, we must give God the priority and enquire from Him vividly what He wants us to attain for His glory in life.

As parents, we should also guide our children into fulfilling their divinely appointed destinies. They should be taught the way of the Lord from childhood and made to understand that the Lord has a purpose for their lives and is interested in their fulfillment of the purpose. Many parents have however failed in this assignment. They see themselves as the sole architect of their children’s destinies and base their decisions on worldly gain, position and future benefits leaving God out. They produce children that are fulfilled physically but malnourished spiritually. Some, whie trying to fulfill these missions are swept away along the line. Samson was an example of those who were swept off. Moses and Joseph got divine help to fulfill their mission on earth. May the Lord Almighty give us the grace to identify our mandate on earth and be fulfilled. Amen.

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