Hast thou here any besides

Lot was asked by Angels then

All thy loved ones not a few

Bring them out before too late


He went out as instructed

To warn them so they’ll escape

The horror God would unleash

On Sodom and Gomorrah


But he seemed as one that mocked

To his sons in-law back then

It turned out they got consumed

In the flames that rained on them


Lot was saved they were destroyed

Though they had the chance to flee

They refused the escape route

The wrath of God they did choose


We’ve got loved ones too brethren

Who are yet to know the Lord

What have we done about them

So they’ll not be lost in hell


Have we warned them of the wrath

Just ahead of sinful souls

Who refuse to now repent

And return to Christ the Lord


Are our loved ones perishing

Although we love them so well

Do we God’s salvation plan

Show to them so they’ll be saved


Are our children really saved

Although heaven’s hope we have

Are our sisters and brothers

Free from God’s impending wrath


Is your mother heaven bound

Your dear father is he saved

Your cousins and neighbours dear

Are they still in sin today


I have warned them you may say

But they’ve in their sins remained

Do not give up warn them still

Lest like Sodom they’re destroyed


Hurry up do not delay

It’s an urgent task you’ve got

Pray them in before too late

Preach to them the saving truth


Noah was saved his household too

May none of ours be lost

May our loved ones be complete

In the mansions up on high. Amen


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