It was another Bible study at the Church. It is usually an expository session where the Bible teacher expounds the scriptures and ensure the congregation has a good understanding of scriptural truth. Pastor George, a local pastor at this study centre glanced through his congregation and found only a few taking notes during the inspirational teaching, he wondered why today’s believers make light of journaling.

The answer to Pastor George’s question is not far-fetched. Some believers make light of scriptural teachings because they have forgotten it is the bedrock of the Christian faith. Jesus gave the allegory of one who built his house upon a rock and the other who built on the sand. (Luke 6: 47-49) When the storms came, it was only the one built on the rock that stood while the other collapsed. We need to pattern our lives to scriptural truth to be able to stand the test of time. To do this, believers must take Bible teachings and studying very seriously, and act on the word heard.

To concentrate during Bible teaching and preaching, taking notes as the preacher preaches will go a long way. It will help listeners to avoid sleeping off on the preacher because he is trying to catch major points during the Bible teaching. Even if you have the outline of some teachings, taking notes will help you to benefit more than just sitting and listening.

It is important to avoid objects of distraction while listening to God’s word. There are those in the habit of fiddling with their phones and chatting with friends on different social media handles during church programs. Others wouldn’t allow the congregation to concentrate on the word because their phones would ring incessantly at intervals. Some children are also in the habit of drawing while in church instead of giving heed to the word.

There are times God gives major directions in life while at a church service. While journaling, you will be more focused to pick God’s voice to you personally and be able to note it down. If you do not, you may end up like a listener, whose heart is by the way side, the birds of the air (Satan) come to pick up the seed of the word, which would have done such believer great benefits (Luke 8:11-15). It is important to note that jotting down messages alone is not enough, there is the need to return to meditate and pray on the things penned down.

Some believers are presumptuous and feel too familiar with the word. They think; ‘we have heard it for so long many years’ ‘I read that passage yesterday’ ‘I have listened to that message before’ the assumptions are endless. God’s word is fresh every day, you can read a passage daily for a week and get different inspirations on daily basis, if you approach the scriptures with an open heart. We must desire the sincere milk of the word to be able to grow spiritually (1Peter 2:2). Stop the wrong assumptions! Pay attention and write, for God has something to say.

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