Galatians 5:16 -18

Man is made up of the Body, Soul and Spirit. The flesh usually draws battles with the Spirit. As Christians and followers of Jesus, we need to walk in the Spirit to guide our soul and the body. The flesh always desire pleasure and therefore readily available to accommodate sin but when you walk by the Spirit of God, He keeps you in His vine. The flesh will always strive to cut the soul from the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The flesh derives pleasure in fornication, adultery, pornography, homosexuality, lies, stealing, money laundering and falsification, masturbation, vain glory in worldly positions and influence, latest worldly styles, secret habits among others. The bible has warned us not to gratify the desires of the flesh but to allow the Holy Spirit to be our mentor in all our endeavors (John 15:26 – 27). We need strong determination not to go back to the past and stand against the opinion of the flesh.

Many believers are going back over and over to the state of sinful act because they are yet to bury the will of the flesh. You cannot serve God and mammon, the devil understands the great power of the flesh and has been using this to break the strong bones of many Christ followers The Devil will always parade the heart of individuals with the slightest weakness and pleasures that suit the flesh that has turned to an inner small god and many even the called are fallen in the power and forces of the flesh. Fortifying the flesh leads to complex situations beyond human imaginations and controls, it is the pleasure that goes before shame and dishonor.

It is true that the bible said in John 8:36 that if the Son sets us free as children of God, we are free indeed but Ananias and Saphirra were dealt with by the strong will of the flesh, the love of money and lies, David also fell into the pit of adultery, anger was the weakness of Moses, Samson lost his glory on the lap of a woman (Delilah), Gehazi became leprous because of greed.  The Devil made efforts to bring down Jesus Christ through the will of the flesh but failed woefully. Joseph was also able to fulfill his destiny by running away from the pleasure of the flesh. These are few examples among others in the bible.

Beloved, for us to withstand the stronghold of darkness, we must crucify the flesh to gain God’s approval. We must accept the help of the Holy Spirit and seriously fight against the will of the flesh. May we receive the great grace to live according to the will of God for our lives and fortify our Spirit man more than the flesh to enable us walk uprightly in His presence. Amen.

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