You are what you eat, so says the age-long adage. The current age would rather go for sweet food and sugary snacks than eat healthy meals. Many are addicted to sugar, sweets, soda, and sugary snacks and would rather have them in place of sour or bitter meals. Bitter foods are sometimes more beneficial to the body than sweet-tasting meals. Bitter kola, bitter leaf, and most vegetables are not sweet, but they have many health benefits. There is no addiction or natural pull to them but they contain loads of vitamins and antioxidants which prevent the body from diseases. We sometimes have to chew the bitter and shun the sweet to be healthy.

Sometimes, life’s lessons can be learned from the sweet versus bitter taste choices. The word of God is sweeter than the honey comb, but its reproof does not feel comfortable to the soul when it comes. When we yield ourselves to the word of God, in total and complete obedience, we will thereafter enjoy the sweetness that the word affords. It is like the sweet taste that follows the chewing of bitter kola. The word of God may not make us feel at ease and happy initially, it is when we trust and obey him that we reap the dividends.

In our age, as many prefer sweet foods which may later do damage to their body, so many prefer sweet preaching from men of God. They go to assemblies where they would be patted at the back and receive prophecies, even when they commit heinous sins and are on their way to hell. They kick at those who preach the whole truth and warn them of the danger of sin. They had developed itchy ears and would rather want the scriptures preached to them in a diluted form (2 Tim 4:3). Some change congregations just to feel comfortable in their sins, they have forgotten the God who caught up with Jonah on his way to Tarshish has not changed His attribute. If you run from the true word that channels your path to meet the eternal God, you will put yourself in a precarious state. I pray you will not close your ears to the warning messages of true men of God.

Our experiences in life may not be pleasant sometimes. Good things do not come easily. We must continue to strive towards attaining the good earthly and spiritual goals we’ve set for ourselves. We must apply ourselves to the stairway to greatness and climb it with all the strength we’ve got and not sit and rock on the chair of excuses. Do what it takes to achieve both your earthly and spiritual goals. Shun excuses, conquer your fears, and let the word of God dwell in you richly (Colossians 3:16).  His grace is sufficient for you and me in Jesus name (Amen).

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