Apostle Paul made a statement in 2 Timothy 4:7 which should serve as a challenge to all believers. He said, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith”. This was a declaration towards the end of his life. He knew he had lived his lifes purpose to the full and had not failed to achieve his reason for living and the commission given to Him by Christ. The question is, have we realized our purpose for living and are we living daily to achieve it, or we are already drowned in the process?

Jesus came to the world for a purpose. This purpose had been prophesied in the Old Testament, before His birth. He came to redeem mankind and reunite them with God. Every day of His life was spent to fulfill this purpose. He prayed to redeem men, preached to reunite them to God and made friends with the purpose of leading them to salvation. He healed, delivered and then said ‘go and sin no more’. Our Saviour and Master followed His lifes purpose through and was never drowned in the process.

Take a cue from today’s politicians. They always would nurse the ambition for the office they want to occupy before its time for elections, and they engage in activities that would endear them to their potential electorates. If they eventually win, some of them stick to this purpose till the end of their tenure. All activities embarked on for their administration usually would align with their political agenda. Even organizations are not aimless. They have a philosophical statement showing their vision, mission and aim which guides their activities and transactions within the structure. We must not be like children, who when sent on errands, leave their aim aside, and then join their mates to play, while the parents wait endlessly. We must be at our Master’s service and live every day to fulfill our calling.

Our main aim as believers is to serve and please our Master Jesus. This should be the bedrock of our life’s purpose. Other areas of our lives like career and family should also be captured in this highlight. We must have our life’s purpose expressly written and stated. Our yearly plans and resolutions must reflect this purpose with the aim of working towards it, year in year out. Our daily activities should show that we are working towards fulfilling our life’s goals. If what we do daily contradicts it, then we are living for nothing.
We must not just state it on a book page, then forget all about it and be drowned in the process of living. We must be focused, following our purposes through so that at the end of our lives, we can boldly say like Paul that we have finished our course. If by the grace of God, we are working towards fulfilling our purpose, we must not rest on our oars, we have not arrived yet. We must keep striving to be better till we die. We should forget our previous achievements and plan to do more (Philippians 3:13-15).

These questions then come to you, the reader now. Why are you living? What is your life’s purpose? How far have you gone in fulfilling this purpose? May you not be drowned in the process (amen).

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