The sound of the word bridge may quickly bring to mind that there are some obstacles to surmount such as rivers and heights. A bridge exists to link two distant places which would have ordinarily remained separated if there was no connection built, to ensure easy access.

Man was separated from God after the fall in the Garden of Eden. He was not only chased from the beautiful garden, but also from the privileges of divine fellowship and the refreshing blessings that come with it. The whole of human race got lost and separated from God because of the disobedience of Adam and Eve. In the Old Testament, animals were used for temporary remission of sins, but the deep seated sin in man would soon sprout up and other sins would subsequently be committed. Jesus came to deal a permanent blow to sin, He shed His blood on the cross of Calvary so that the human race can be completely free and free indeed from the effect of the fall. He came to build a bridge between us and the Almighty God. No wonder, the veil in the temple that hid the holy of holies was torn from up down with no human hand, when Jesus gave up the ghost at Golgotha.

Jesus built the bridge and has redeemed so many. He has given us hope and everlasting riches through His resurrection. Despite this payment for redemption that happened so many years ago, many have not been reconciled with God up till now. They know the way, and know how to be saved, but will just not take the steps to accept Him as Lord and Saviour. The evil in the world had blinded their eyes to the things that make for salvation. Jesus Christ is weeping over them today, like He wept over Jerusalem during His time on earth (Luke 19:41). If you are not yet saved, this is the time to do so. No longer delay but accept His loving invitation that bids you come.

As older believers, after trotting the bridge that led us from the world to the Lord, we are to forsake any other bridge that will lead us back to the world. Close the backdoor, burn that bridge that will take you back to Egypt. Focus on the way you have chosen and do not draw back unto perdition (Hebrew 10:39), but believe, and keep on believing until the eternal saving of your soul, when you will be welcome home in heaven. Don’t allow the things of this life, our light afflictions, to draw you back and make you lose sight of eternal bliss.

Remember “no man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God” (Luke 9:62). Don’t backslide and nail your Lord to the cross again. Don’t backslide because you may never have the opportunity to come back to the Lord. Don’t backslide into the slippery road that leads to eternal perdition. Don’t backslide and then turn deaf ear  to the way of salvation. Fight against coldness and lukewarmness. Dry and cold closets will lead you farther away from the Lord. Be determined, be resolute and do not allow others take your crown. His grace is sufficient for you, so do your part!

Most of the situations and challenges believers go through has to do with relationships. You may have a boss that makes life terrible for you or co-workers who made you go through ‘hell’ because of their bad character. Always remember that they are unbelievers and would do nothing but sin and serve their master the devil. Forgive them no matter how bad the situation is, forgive them. Let go and let God, don’t fence them out so you can still lead them to Christ, build the bridge that will lead them to the path of salvation in Christ.

Yours may not be the workplace, it may be neighbours, co-marketers, competitors, family members, children, parents, whosoever; have a large heart, think of the necessity to make it to heaven and also bring them along with you. Smoothen your relationships for the sake of your own peace and health and for the sake of eternity. Don’t allow difficult relationships and unforgiveness to hinder your prayers, forgive even as your heavenly father has forgiven youon. Don’t build the fence, build the bridge that will lead you and your acquaintances to eternal life.

We must however determine to fence out evil and errors. We must fence out sin; fence out false doctrine; fence out unequal yoke in marriage, business and friendships; fence out anything that will splash stains on your garment of righteousness. Keep your integrity and faith in Christ. Don’t allow people who claim they are your benefactors, cunningly lead you into perdition, flee all appearances of sin (1 Thessalonians 5:22) and keep on looking unto him, the author and the finisher of our faith. He will soon appear to take you and me home. Keep on the firing line.

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