BE CAREFUL FOR NOTHING (Philippians 4:6-7)

Be careful for nothing

How often do we heed that

Heads bent down in sorrow

With feelings ‘no help in sight’

Weighed down by our burdens

Our crosses so heavy seem

Be careful for nothing

Christian hear your Saviour say


Feeling blue and lonely

Nothing just seems to work out

Tempted sore with trials

Fears within and fears without

Be careful for nothing

Although tempted to give up

There’ll sure be for you friend

Light instead of the dark clouds


Be careful for nothing

Though troubles are pressing hard

Problems like a mountain

Challenges just all around

Seeking for solution

The Saviour so gently speaks

Be careful for nothing

Your answer is at the door


Be careful for nothing

Philippians 4:6 doth say

Raise to God your requests

Supplicate with thanksgivings

And the peace of our God

Which passeth understanding

Shall keep your hearts and mind

Through Christ Jesus our dear Lord.


Be careful for nothing

It may seem so very hard

Barrages of problems

Your faith will try hard to sink

Lean on Christ the Saviour

Keep trusting His guiding hands

Soon the night of weeping

Will turn to the morn of joy. AMEN

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