Waiting on God in prayers

Waiting on God alone

Waiting to get His blessings

Waiting to know Him more


Waiting to get directions

Waiting to hear His voice

Waiting despite confusions

Waiting to hear Him speak


Waiting in supplications

Waiting to have Him work

Waiting to have His mercy

Waiting to get His best


Waiting you’ll soar like eagles

Waiting upon the Lord

Waiting you’ll not be weary

Waiting for God alone


Waiting may not be easy

Waiting may seem so hard

Waiting you’ll have to learn it

Waiting He’ll hear your cry


Waiting you’ll get your answer

Waiting the light will shine

Waiting you won’t be denied

Waiting He’ll meet you there


Waiting on God keep waiting

Waiting on Him in pray’rs

Waiting on Him believing

Waiting won’t be in vain


Waiting yes keep on waiting

Waiting you’ll sure rejoice

Waiting until your break through

Waiting He’ll answer you. AMEN

Remember the song: “I will wait, wait on the Lord, though He tarries,

I will wait for Him, He will finish, what He has started, something better is coming on my way”

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