John 6:27; 1Timothy 6:7

Oh my, it’s Monday morning again! Mr Jerkers exclaimed as he got jolted to life by the chirping birds. The cacophony of birdsong in the wee hours of that morning although sweet to the happy birds, wasn’t especially pleasant to him. Their songs became louder and more frequent but it only reminded him of the busy and stressful week ahead.

His can be described as a very busy life, from dawn to dusk, he goes from one activity to another, no time to rest. He would hardly have the time for a sound quiet time, his prayer altar had gradually collapsed. Most of the time, he would miss weekly fellowship and he had gradually become a ‘Sunday-Sunday’ Christian. Although formerly a member of the choir in his church, he couldn’t remember when last he sang, as he had no time to attend their choir practice, a prerequisite for ministering. Going for evangelism was in the good old days. Apart from the effects on his relationship with and service for God, his busyness had gradually affected his health and family life too. He sighed in exasperation, lifted his hands to heaven and silently whispered a prayer, asking the Lord for mercy.

It is good to be busy, an idle hand the English man says, is the devil’s workshop. The question we need to ask ourselves however is, what am I busy doing? There are lots of things that can occupy our time, ranging from secular to personal, which may keep us away from our real purpose in life. Those of us who live in fast-paced environments are worst hit. The current economic situation hasn’t helped matters, it has only resulted in ‘super busy’ men and women trying to make ends meet.

The hustle and bustle of our generation far outweighs what the world has previously known. We should however apply our hearts to wisdom and not be so busy to the extent of leaving God out. Although lots of activities call for our attention, our preoccupation should not be solely on things ephemeral. We came into the world empty and it is sure we will take nothing out. In the midst of our tight schedule, it’s important to consider what our priorities are in life and give attention to them. The non-essential must not be allowed to edge out the most crucial. It’s important we do not allow our really busy lives choke life out of us.

Friend, are you completely drowned in the ocean of a busy life? Have you lost your relationship with the Lord? Have you left His service in pursuit of daily bread? When last did you attend weekly fellowship? When last did you go out for personal evangelism? Pause, take an inventory of your life and prayerfully make a commitment to change. Labour not on, for the meat that perisheth. May the Lord give us understanding. AMEN

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