It was a sunny afternoon as I test-run a saved video on TV in my living room. It played for a while and my daughter wanted it on. It was a recorded exercise session at a gym. She watched the gym members as they exercised, sweated, endured and went on and on. Towards the end of the exercise, the sweats multiply, energy is low, throats are dry, tiredness is high and every move of the body is done deliberately and purposefully. She shouted out in amazement at their non-tiredness and how they could endure such hard activities.

My mind went back to my exercise sessions, so I explained that it was not because they were not tired, but they endured so they can rejoice at making it through to the end. During my workouts, I think of the fact that I will be refreshed, energetic, and healthier when I’m done. I also think of the accolades from my support group and so refuse to give up easily even when I’m so tempted to do.

Believers are on a pilgrimage here on earth. So many things go on in our lives and we go through challenging situations. Towards the end of this journey, we may need to make every move and effort towards making it to heaven deliberately, purposefully, and with every bit of determination. Just like an exercise session, it’s not going to be easier in our striving against sin, self, Satan, and the world. We must muster all the strength in us as we keep the anticipated crown, mansions the streets of gold in our focus.

The signs of the times are here, so, get set, repent of anything that will hinder you. Put your house in order and keep keeping on. We are almost there. Our Redeemer will soon appear, we will rest at the end of the day, when we have gone the last mile of the way. His grace is sufficient for you and me.



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