Life is full of a lot of troubles in different shapes and forms. Every individual including little ones have their share of life’s challenges. The question in this caption was thrown to Peter and his co-disciples after they had toiled all night and caught nothing at the wide sea of Tiberias. They must have tried over and over again to at least catch something, even if it is a handful of fishes for supper, they must have thought as they toiled and tried, while the clock ticks towards the breaking of day. They must have felt frustrated each time their hope was dashed with an empty net drawn from the waters with no fish in sight. Where have all the fishes gone, where are they all hidden on this fateful night?

As the challenge of Peter and his friends was inability to catch fishes at this time, believers are faced with different challenges at one time or the other in their lives. Some are faced with challenges of getting life partners while some others wish their marriages was blessed with kids or want additional kids.  Frustration and sometimes, despondency must have built up over the years as the situation persists. For some others, education is a challenge, troubles in their capacity for good success has been the bone of contention. Financial challenges also stay like large monsters in some other families. Steps over steps would have been taken to improve their standard of living and forge ahead in life, but somehow, heaven seams closed and looks like it is only trickles of blessing they are left to manage.

Ill health, satanic bondage are also troubles people live to struggle with in life with each passing day, there are feelings of a dashed hope. Some people are in wrong marriages and have to endure each day while praying for peace and harmony in their homes. Other folks may struggle along in their spiritual lives without having the victory over the flesh, self and world. They keep feeling they’re spiritual failures. In different ways, everyone had wished for that day after the long night and light at the end of the tunnel.

Jesus appeared in the mist of Peter’s struggle for fish in the dead night and asked “children, have ye any meat?” Their response was a resounding no, out of so much frustration. He therefore led them to try once again for a draw. If you were Peter, what would your response be?  Peter offered to try again at the Lord’s command, knowing that He is the Lord of all. At this time, it was a great catch of fishes, almost breaking their net, they needed assistance to even pull it into their boat that stood the risk of sinking.

Sometimes, when we’ve tried some things over and over, we are at the verge of giving up with the conclusion that it will never happen. Wait a little, winners never quit and quitters never win. This is not the time to give up nor the time to retire on your hopes and dreams. It is the time to retreat so you can re-fire. Whatever it is that is creating a frustration for you, please don’t give up.

First, know the mind of God on that situation. Peter’s assignment given to him before Calvary was to be a fisher of men via winning souls. He was given the great commission, but it was a pity he remembered the fish net he left long ago, when he chose to follow the Lord. Now, that the Lord gave him the fishes, He again reiterated to Peter to feed His sheep and lamb. Anything done outside God’s will definitely ends up in frustration. Wait on the Lord, be quiet in your soul and listen to what he will have you do. Whatever it is you are hoping for and no matter how pressing, take a break from the pursuit while you listen to the Shepherd’s voice. Listen carefully and pray with an open mind, He will show you way forward.

Then try once again. When you are clear on your God-given way forward or even promises, don’t doubt. Try again. Don’t allow unbelief and faithlessness from your past experience. Hope in God and try again. It could be much easier than you think. There is the high tendency to resign to fate, but please don’t. God can do all things and He will sure make them beautiful in His own time. So, have faith in God.

Don’t give up! Be a finisher!! Be an achiever!!!

May you and I find strength and hope to achieve our God-given dreams. (Amen).



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