The birds they’ve got no worry
They fly they chirp they sing
They move about so happy
So lively and so free

They wake up in the morning
They look up unto God
Their daily needs supplying
They neither sow nor reap

They’ve got no barn nor basket
They’ve got no storage house
Yet God the Father feeds them
He takes great care of them

The lilies in the valley
They grow and flourish too
They toil not neither spin they
Yet so arrayed are they

But man is full of worry
And man is full of care
As if the worries help him
To sort out every need

You may think there are reasons
To worry and to fret
But that won’t solve the problem
And that won’t ease the stress

So friend no need to worry
And there’s no need to fret
For God the Father loves you
He caters for His own

Just give Him all your worries
Lay them down at His feet
He knows your every heartache
He’ll sort them out for you. Amen

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