It was a Saturday morning during breakfast. My little daughter was served part of the meal we all believe she enjoys while we left out the one she dislikes. Somehow this day, she wanted it and the older siblings denied her thinking she will waste the food as usual. She persisted in crying, demanding what she wanted. So I stepped in and beckoned with just my hand like I always do whenever I wanted to intervene between her and her siblings. With so much confidence that her needs will be met, she jumped up from her seat and came to me. I then asked what she wanted and she repeated her request as earlier expressed to her siblings. I thereafter ordered she be served by her elder sister.

I then thought, many atimes, our Heavenly Father beckons on us when we are distressed, distraught and overwhelmed. Sometimes, we are so encumbered that we fail to see this loving God who is willing to solve our problems and wipe away our tears. Blind Bartemeaus was not of such. As soon as the Saviour and Healer beckoned, he left the garment that identified him with blindness and went to meet the Lord who bid him come. That same day, he received his sight and followed Jesus along the way. Like I asked my little girl what she wanted, and as Jesus asked Bartemeus, what he wanted, we must make our requests known to Jesus in clear terms while asking Him for our needs rather than cry, bemoan and groan in self pity. He is willing to hear us and He will, if we heed His beckoning.

Zacchaeus had wanted to see Jesus, although he was a tax collector, rejected by the society and condemned by his own conscience. He made haste to come down to meet Him from the sycamore tree he had climbed in his self efforts to see the Redeemer. Your self efforts in themselves will not grant you salvation. Payments of thithes, being active in church, singing in the choir or even a being a church founder, will not solve the problem of sin. once genuine salvation is left out. Those activities, although good, will not in themselves grant eternal life, if there is no personal relationship with God. Christ might have invited you many times and you shrugged it off. Today is the day of salvation, tomorrow may be too late. Yield to the Saviour’s call and reject Him no longer. Have saving faith in Jesus. Repent of your sins and accept Him as your Lord and saviour.

Some other times, as older believers, we give up so soon on issues that we had told God repeatedly and answers seems far fetched. Remember the widow in Luke 18, who persisted in troubling the unjust judge, till her request was granted. Don’t give up so soon my sister/brother, press on until your needs are met. Heaven has all sufficiency to meet whatever it is that you need. Quitters never win and winners never quit. Don’t allow hopes deferred to make your heart sick, nor loose confidence in the one who never misses it. God can do all things, and He will, if we trust Him. He will sure make all things beautiful in His time. So, keep hopes alive. Trust Him more. Add fastings if need be. Check up if there are hinderances to your prayers like unforgiveness, sin and unbelief. Get them out of the way. Cheer up!! Your miracle is near.
May the Lord give you and me the faith of a child (Amen).

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