Purpose keeps your eyes

Fixed on your life’s goals

Purpose keeps you on

When the road is rough


Have you asked yourself

Ruminated too

About the purpose

Of your existence


Some will all their lives

Spend in wastefulness

And die pursuing

What won’t profit them


Some will know the goal

They are to pursue

But will not be wise

No purpose fulfilled


Some died not knowing

Why they came to life

All their potentials

Buried in the grave


If you do not know

Your assignment here

How can you fulfill

Your unique purpose


You cannot afford

Just to waste away

Or to try to do

What’s not yours to do


The Lord has a plan

Why He created you

This you need to know

But how will this be


The first thing to do

If you’re still in sin

Is repent be saved

From unrighteousness


When your life is right

And you’re saved from sin

It’s becomes easier

For the Lord to guide


You get on your knees

Ask the Lord in pray’r

What’s my purpose here

Why am I alive


Let the Lord reveal

His great plan for you

Let Him show you why

You are here on earth


If you’ve known the Lord

But you’re still unsure

Of your purpose here

Seek His face in prayers


When you’ve discovered

Your purpose in life

Obedience is key

As He guides your path


Closely walk with God

Each step of the way

So your life’s great goal

You can accomplish


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