The account of when Jesus preached to the multitudes beside the sea was recorded repeatedly in the gospels. He preached to them and was concerned that they might be hungry. The disciples offered a few fishes and some loaves donated by a small lad, he multiplied them and fed the multitudes (Mathew 14:7-22).  The following day, the crowd came looking for Him. Jesus, having known their motive revealed to them that were seeking him because of the food and not because of the word of eternal life preached to them (John 6: 26).

Many people still seek the Lord for the fishes today and not because of the pure, saving and eternal words emanating from Him. They attend church programs and special gatherings all because of material gains. They even take up church positions and responsibilities because of fame and other packages that come with it rather than come with a humble mind to serve with reverence.

Serving God and worshiping Him should be more than for material gains, the Lord’s worship should be more than for fishes. Please get me right, having provisions, deliverance, healing and material things are not sinful, but we must not serve the Lord solely because of that. The Kingdom of God is more than meat and drink (Romans 14:17). The Lord’s love and faithfulness in giving us these secular provisions should make us much more endeared to Him and serve Him with all our hearts.

At the sea of Tiberias, Jesus asked Peter a heart-searching question after Peter left being a fisher of men and went back to the seaside to catch mere fishes. He had toiled all night without success. The Lord appeared to him and gave him an instruction that made him catch a multitude of fishes. As they await their fish roasting on the coals, his Lord and master asked him, ‘lovest thou me more than these?’ Your Lord and master asks you too as you read through, ‘lovest thou me more than these?’

In the story of feeding the multitude, the lad who gave the fishes had only a few for his meal. He could have held it back but rather, he willingly gave it to the Lord and Jesus multiplied his fishes to feed thousands. His record of generousity and self-sacrifice had also been read from generation to generation. It could only be more than fishes when we offered them to the Lord.

When we offer our little to the Lord, He accomplishes so much with them. Our little money, time, strength, and skills could be offered to the Lord. He sure will give us more for the ones we offered. According to the song written by Kittie Suffield, little is much when God is in it. May the Lord give us a willing and understanding heart to obey. (Amen)

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