Labour for the flesh

Is that all we care about

What we’ll eat and drink

And what we’ll be clothed with

Waking up at morn

Off to the toil of the day

Going here and there

Just to live and make ends meet


The lockdown is o’er

And we’re back to work again

To previous routines

That keep us busy and tired

We shouldn’t forget

Who we are and what’s our goal

Labour not alone

For the things that pass away


No matter how tight

Your schedule and your routine

Create real time for God

Real fellowship with the Lord

Hurry not along

Life’s long way without your Guide

Spend quality time

With the Lord each passing day


All the things we do

Should help our homeward flight

Nothing in this world

Should becloud our visions clear

Sure you know brethren

We’re just passing through this world

Don’t just labour on

For the things you’ll leave behind


Come to think of it

We’re all busy here and there

Working oh so hard

To put food on our tables

To send kids to school

Have enough to spend and spare

And the labour ends

Only at the time of death


Now for those of us

Who already are submerged

With the cares of life

And the pursuit of our dreams

Let’s return to God

And once again seek His face

For the grace to walk

Circumspectly in this world


We are mere strangers

And sojourners here below

We are pilgrims too

On a pilgrimage to heav’n

We’re not of Sodom

And not of Gomorrah too

So we should be wise

Sodom will soon be on fire


As we wake each morn

The little time we have left

Let’s not get enmeshed

And entangled with the world

Things that’ll outlast time

And things not ephemeral

Should be our pursuit

As we live from day to day.


(May we be wise. AMEN).

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