It was testimony time, the pastor encouraged everyone to think of God’s goodness and faithfulness in the past. He wanted them to share experiences right from childhood, that proved God’s involvement in His children’s lives. He emphasized that this was to remind them that although they may have current challenges, the Lord is aware and will sort them out. RS sat quietly in the congregation, she was currently in her early 50s. Her mind hurriedly ran back the last couple of decades. God truly had been faithful. She possibly wouldn’t have been alive today, or would be bedridden with an illness incurable. She remembered several incidences, where God had been good to her, right from her childhood. She stood up to testify…

“I remember when I was a child, a thief repeatedly terrorized our area. Imagine the fear everyone had every night. Eventually the thief was caught. While being interrogated, he pointed in the direction of our residence, how that was the place he intended coming that night, and blamed himself for missing direction. That could only have been God. I remember another incidence. While returning from church, a vehicle with armed men had trailed us without our knowledge. On getting to a store to get some food items, one of the robbers approached, acquainted us with his plan but couldn’t pull the trigger. We escaped by divine intervention. On another evening while returning from church still, a policeman asked us to pull over. Our offence according to him, was that we continued to sing praises even on getting to the police check point. Armed robbers were ahead, we only got to know when the driver of the car that was initially behind us passed us by, and then returned on foot. It can only be God!”

She paused a while and then continued. “While I was in the university, there happened an incidence which I can never forget. On a dark path, two course mates and I inadvertently walked into a deadly group of boys while going to “night class”. The situation we found ourselves could be described as walking through the valley of the shadow of death but surprisingly, they never did as if they saw us pass through their midst. On getting to our destination, so vividly tremulous, we realized that the male among us (who also walked through with us), never saw them. He wasn’t happy that he did not see them as we walked through, he would have confronted them. In the pretence that he wanted to buy some things, he decided to go back to the place against our counsel, but they were gone. It can only be God!”

“While still at the university, two communities were at war, it was a prolonged one. Houses burnt, several persons killed, everywhere in turmoil. Young children were recruited as fighters, palpable fear was everywhere. One of the evenings, we had to transit through a path, oblivious of the fact that a faction was manning that route. Weapons of war on obvious display, young men armed to the teeth and thirsty for blood. I was seated at the front with the driver, already melting for fear, I was in dismay about what would happen next We were already in, no opportunity of making a U-turn, not sure if there would be an escape. By divine providence, they were familiar with our driver, they only greeted and we passed through unscathed. It can only be God!”

“I remember an accident that happened on my way to an evening meeting as a teenager. I was with some members of my family including my granny and two cousins that came visiting. We got to a place where there was an hold-up, when suddenly we heard a loud bang. A lorry had hit our car from the rear on the slopy road and badly damaged it. Different persons came to the scene, they were surprised that nothing happened to anyone in the car. It was a day to clocking another year for me. A similar incidence happened again, years later. A drunk driver had bashed the car I was in from behind, got it terribly damaged, and escaped. Once again, we were unhurt and the driver got apprehended. I couldn’t thank God enough for saving our lives.”

“I can also remember when I got so close to being infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), the memory still fills me with trepidation. The sample, about 10mls or so, I had just withdrawn into the syringe, the needle uncapped. Then came this lizard jumping on me and oops, there began a struggle. Forgetting I had the blood filled syringe still in my hand, I battled with the lizard in my clothing in the ensuing confusion. I could have been self innoculated with a significant volume of the blood having a high viral load, fortunately not even a prick, the blood only spilled on my coat. It can only be God!” I can go on and on she said. “Testimonies of divine intervention and God’s faithfulness to His word. Grace to make an headway where it seemed impossible, answers to prayers, numerous miraculous interventions and lots more.”

Can you remember too? There were times when the situation seemed difficult and the mountain undaunted, but God still proved Himself as Strong and Mighty to save. I’m sure you have several testimonies of divine healing and health, grace for each day, divine provision and protection, preservation and lots more. Remember that situation where God came through for you? Remember the time you felt you possibly might not see another year? Remember when it seemed as if that promotion wil never be possible? What about that temptation to compromise that you overcame? We would like you to share one of the numerous testimonies with us. This would reiterate the faithfulness of God and also lift the faith of others. Remember, it could only have been God and like RS did, tell us of the Lord’s goodness. It is testimony time!

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