Psalms 37:1; 73:1-12,16-19; 103:1-2

She wept quietly, wouldn’t want her tears discovered by her colleagues that sat close by. “They don’t serve God as much as I do, yet all is well with them; I wonder when all this will be over. I believe something must be wrong with me” she murmured. She however noticed that they occasionally looked in her direction as they chatted. She could hardly pick their words but only heard one of them say “I wish I could be like her, she’s filled with so much peace”. Beclouded by their seeming swift advancements, she had become unhappy with her pace of achievement.

Still unconvinced that hers was a life that anyone would wish to have, she picked up her phone to distract herself by going through the pictures in her gallery. Oh! She let out a heavy sigh. Fintey Joles was a very brainy scholar during their undergraduate days. Unfortunately, she had a deadly cancer not too long after their graduation. It has been five years since she was buried. As if that was not enough, the very next picture was that of another late colleague of hers who died at the beginning of the year, she never got married although she was close to 50.

More tears welled up in her eyes; she has been very ungrateful despite being at the top of her career, having her health intact, very lovely children round her table and a very supportive spouse. She wondered what the basis of her comparison was, and the reason for her tears. Blinded by the devil, she had despised her Lord’s goodness and benevolence. The peace of mind and hope of eternal life, she had forgotten just because of carnal comparison. More tears rolled down her cheeks, she quickly excused herself before they would see her tears.

Does this narrative paint a picture of you? Have you murmured and complained that the Lord hasn’t been good to you because of comparison of your present state with the achievements of others? Get to the mortuary; you will see lofty dreams cut short. Take a trip to the emergency room of any hospital close by or the Intensive Care Unit; check how much it is to be on oxygen for twenty-four hours, you will realize how faithful the Lord has been to you. Get to the prison; you’ll appreciate your freedom. These are just a few of the mercies that we take for granted.

The devil would make a mountain out of a molehill so you can remain ungrateful. He’ll paint your situation so pathetic; you’ll hardly see any reason to praise God. Don’t be an ingrate, think of the many blessings you have received. They are actually innumerable. The situation on ground that is currently a challenge will soon become one of the catalogues of testimonies. Can you remember that challenge that previously seemed insurmountable? You eventually overcame, although it initially seemed you were going to sink.

Don’t be an ingrate, fret not yourself, just praise the Lord!

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