We are tidying up, we are checking up
Am I set for home, we are making sure
We are getting set, we are living right
Not to miss the trump, the rapture of saints

We are holding on, we are journeying on
We are marching on, waiting for our Lord
We are praying hard, we are hanging on
“No chances at all, Heaven I must gain”

Our children dear, our lovely kids
Hope they’re not left out, hope they’re getting set
Hope we’re making sure, they are born again
If they’ll not be lost, we must play our part

We send them to school, we buy books for them
We give them good food, we meet all their needs
We must all ensure, they’re heaven bound too
We must pray them in, if they’re still in sin

No more time to waste, time is winding up
Let us do our best, their dear souls to win
We must be complete, on the streets of gold
We shall all meet there, no one will be lost. AMEN

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