Your life may have been undergoing a turbulence, your business witnessing a downward trend, your finances nosediving, your health failing and your hope dangling. All around, you may have found no comfort, your plans aren’t working out. The happenings in your home currently threatens your peace. No matter how deplorable your condition, it isn’t beyond repair. Believe it, yes you can and you will rise again. Have you fallen and you’re so disappointed at the state you’re currently in? You won’t die a failure; you will rise again.

The devil would want you to feel that you’ve been down for too long and you can’t rise up. He would want you to believe that you can’t make it, because you’ve failed too many times. He wouldn’t want you to be saved or restored, he’ll say you’ve gone too deep in sin. He would make you believe Heaven has given up on you because you’ve faltered so many times. He would want you to agree with him that the situation is so hopeless and your prayers useless. He would want to magnify the problems beyond measure, just to make you sink in deep despair.

Numerous are his lies, numberless his deceptions. Do not fall for his traps, believe not his words. He lied to Eve, humanity had a fall but Heaven intervened and brought us redemption. Over the ages, he has tried to perfect his art. He doesn’t want any man saved, he has lost paradise and all the beauty there to behold. Do not allow him to have the upper hand, do not accept his suggestions. Do not follow his ruinous path, give no heed to his whisperings. His plan is to make sure you are eternally lost, he has no good thing to offer.

You may have failed times without number, that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. You may have prayed and the answers delayed, that doesn’t mean the answers will not come. That you failed in your marriage and things haven’t worked out as planned isn’t the final report, there’ll be unity and love in your home again. You may have backslidden and gone so far from God but that shouldn’t be the end of your story, you can and will be restored. You may be so deep in sin, Christ’s blood will make you whiter than snow.

God’s grace is boundless, His love overwhelming. All He wants from you if still in sin, is the humility to accept your sinful state, return to Him and believe Him for cleansing through the precious blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. If like the prodigal son you’ve wandered far from home, your Father awaits your return. Pick up courage, don’t give up! If you have failed and it seems you can’t put the pieces of your life together, remember He is our Creator. Give Him your broken pieces, He will make your life whole and complete again.
Are you discouraged and almost giving up? Friend, delay is not denial. You are near the end of the tunnel, see the ray of light. Hold on in faith, you’ll rise again. Your morning of joy is dawning, the dew of freshness now falling. Songs of joy you will sing, Heaven’s praises will ring. If you do not give up, you will surely overcome. If you do not quit, you will surely win. You will shine forth like the star, you will achieve heaven’s goal. Never yield to satan’s lies, know you sure can and will make it. Yes I can, and yes I will. Amen

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