It is a known fact that there is a void within every human that cries out for God. Whatever humans accomplish in the realms of this life without the Saviour and master will never satisfy. Before a man accomplishes some feats such as education, marriage, a good career, getting a car, having kids, he feels that, that is all he needs and that he would just be satisfied when it is done. However, as soon as the achievement is gotten, there is a deep feeling of dissatisfaction. Whatever we have in life without the saving grace of Christ is nothing and will still leave the big void within, longing for the Almighty.

History told us of great scientists who made ground-breaking discoveries and yet committed suicide at the end of their lives. There were great celebrities, first class students, well-sought physicians who ended their own lives. How could they? It is simply because the big void within them was not filled and they lacked what could give them real joy and satisfaction. Only Jesus gives real satisfaction and nothing else would do.

The sinner who comes to the Saviour must constantly ensure that he is filled with Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the word of faith in order not to leave a void within. Scriptures told us in Luke 11: 24 – 26 that the evil spirit and character that had been cast off would still come searching, if he finds a void, he will reinforce with more evil powers and repossess the individual. The end state of such a person will then be worse than the beginning.

Believers in Christ should also realize that there is a constant battle between the flesh and the spirit. If we feed our spirit man, he will be strong and overcome our flesh and if we feed our fleshly tendencies, he will be strong and overpower our spirit. We need to fill our spirit man via spiritual discipline so our story will not be ‘…the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak’ (Mathew 26:41). We must take time to read the scriptures and meditate on them as well. We must pray often and fast if need be. We must watch against temptations and attend Christian fellowships with like-minded believers. We must never be careless and remain in the spiritual wilderness where we thirst and do not have the strength to come to the waters of life. We must balance our lifestyle and time between the spiritual and the secular (Romans 12:11).

There are times when believers lose earthly things or relationships that are so dear to them. These then leave them feeling incomplete and somewhat empty, but this cannot take away the real satisfaction within them which is from Jesus Christ. Jesus is a friend that is closer than a brother, he sees our innermost being, feels what we feel, cares for and understands everything about us. We must continue to lean on Him at such trying periods. He is faithful and will surely see us through if we depend on Him.

There is a void within, meant for Jesus the King, He knocks at your door and asks for admission,  will you open to Him now? The choice is yours.

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