It was a bright Friday morning in one of the cities in East Africa. Commuters had started the usual rush to their work places in this busy city. Mr Holmes who was also on his way to work, sighted a vehicle belonging to the prison. It was a large grey truck convening prisoners to the court for trial. Mr Holmes wondered how long each of them had been in incarceration and the quest for freedom on their minds.

The whole of humanity also crave for freedom one way or the other. Sometimes, the experiences of life make people feel they are caged. Current day realities make living in some countries very difficult. Poverty, unemployment, industrial actions, high inflation and high crime rates, illness, calamities, wrong marriages, wayward children, lukewarmness in spiritual things all make men to feel caged and seek for freedom.

In a bid to be free people try different solutions. Currently in some countries, migration to greener pastures is increasing at an alarming rate. The migrants all seek for freedom. Some ill people go from hospital to hospital, while others visit different herbalists all in a bid to be free. Those in problematic marriages think divorce and remarriage will solve their problems. Some are really fed up with life and they think suicide will end their afflictions, not knowing it is the beginning of endless suffering in eternity. Others revert to alcohol and drug addiction.

The truth is whatever cages you, there is real freedom in Christ. If you are bound by sin and bad habits, and you fall each time you make an attempt to be free, you cannot be free on your own. If the Son of man shall set you free, you will be free indeed John 8:36. In Romans 7:15-25, Paul had such desperation and the inability to be free until he met Jesus. Christ died to give you freedom. You only need to confess your sins, repent and forsake them, accept Jesus as your Lord and live daily in His presence. You then can cultivate a habit of prayer and reading God’s word.

Whatever your challenge is and whatever seems to have caged you in- sin, sickness or satanic oppression, you can be free. There is true freedom in Christ. If you believe, trust in Him and seek His face in prayer, He will set you free indeed.

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