He cares about the birds that fly
The creatures on the field are His
The cattle on a thousand hills
Mindful is He

He knows when you are so depressed
Unhappy about life’s events
The answers that seem so delayed
Mindful is He

He sees it when your faith is small
And feels it when you can’t go on
And when the journey seems so long
Mindful is He

When you’re so weak and your strength wanes
And Heaven seems so far away
And trusting seems so difficult
Mindful is He

Mindful is Jesus yes He cares
He knows about your deepest needs
He cares for you whate’er betides
Mindful is He

Just know He feels all what you feel
Our Great High Priest and loving friend
He’s the Great Shepherd of our souls
Mindful is He

Do not give up keep trusting Him
No matter how hard the way seems
He’ll see you through Heaven you’ll gain
Mindful is He

Take up your cross and journey on
You’re closer to the promise land
Your crown awaits in Glory land
Mindful is He

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