Life is full of twists and turns

Sometimes sweet but sometimes sour

Joyful events sad ones too

In their turns do take the stage


Sometimes life may knock us hard

Sometimes help seems not in sight

Sometimes hopeless seems the way

And it seems we’re just alone


When life is sweet we’re so glad

When life is not we’re so sad

Roses sometimes have some thorns

Though so beautiful they look


Thistles sometimes line our route

Obstacles may dot our path

Our gold may through the flame go

Just to get more purified


Sometimes trials fierce we meet

Temptations sore flood our paths

But the Saviour stands by us

Though through tunnels we may go


Do you have some challenges

That for long keeps hanging on

Look to God He’ll make a way

Where there seems to be no way


If right now life seems so tough

And your answers seem delayed

Keep on trusting don’t give up

Till the victory you shall win


Don’t allow the enemy

Slow you down or stop your race

That’s his aim please don’t give in

Just hold on till victory comes


Whatever may be our lot

By His grace we’ll sure o’ercome

With the Saviour in our boat

We will reach the other side


Our morn of joy will break through

We’ll beam with joy once again

Trials will not stop our race

To Jerusalem on high


When we get home we’ll forget

All the trials of the way

The victor’s crown we shall wear

Mansions of gold will be ours


Life is full of twists and turns

Sometimes sweet but sometimes sour

If right now life seems so tough

Don’t give up you’ll sure o’ercome. Amen


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