Sleeping…refreshing if it is physical but man is made of spirit, soul and body. A soul that is asleep while in the body and not awake to spiritual things is dangerous. Dangerous is understatement, it is damning! These are the last days, the bible prophesied that perilous times shall come. Men shall be lovers of than lovers of God. The love of many shall wax cold. If those days were not shortened, the very elect will be deceived by false prophets and teachers.

Looking around, these prophesies are getting fulfilled around us. The love of many is waxing cold. Many have decided to pick and choose which bible command to obey. Compromises on sinful things at places of work to make ends meet in the hash economic situations are becoming the order of the day. Believers have decided to flow along rather dare to stand alone like Daniel nor the audacious three Hebrew children. Inspirational services that had been flooded in times past are becoming scanty. Some believers had cancelled some service days completely from their schedule let alone dedicate time for personal spiritual development and Christian service. They had become lovers of themselves rather God.

Believers’ challenges in recent times have heightened- Sickness, poverty, afflictions, persecutions trials, all these are machinated by the enemy of our souls to distract us from the sole aim of following the Lord till the end. We have shifted our focus from looking unto Jesus and longing to be like our master to fighting ephemerals. We have long thrown away the injunction of Christ of first seeking the kingdom of God and letting Him add others. Some other believers have allowed false teachers take over their lives in the quest for their needs, they forgot that the lord who bought them have made provision for whatever these needs may be. Oh God!

How we need revival at this time. We must go back to the foundation, to Calvary and to the cross so our lives can be straightened out. Don’t rationalize! Don’t gloss over the little foxes that spoiled the vine!! Don’t claim historical salvation when the life you live now contradicts your conscience and the scriptures. Get back to your knees and be rootles sly determined to get rid of every stain in your garment of righteousness… I’m sure you know the Lord had been waiting and He’s ready to cleanse and forgive. It is when we are clean that we can start afresh with him again. Remember, sin will get you nowhere.

We must then get back to our Christian discipline to build the walls that had broken down and be who God wants us to be. Create time to study scriptures, don’t rush over your devotions without even remembering what you prayed about nor the lesson you gained from scriptures. It is the amount of truth you know that will determine how free you will be and how rich your life will be.

Take time to pray. Spend much time in secret with Jesus alone. Build the family altars that are broken down. Do more cooperate prayers-prayer partnership, congregational prayers and night vigil. Don’t forget to enhance your prayers with fasting. The content of our prayers should also be balanced between heavenly and secular. Being a six-thirty Christian whose major and minor concentrations points below is not living a balanced Christian life. Shift from the pressures of life to praying for spiritual life and intercessory prayers.

We cannot forget to evangelise, visit and serve the body of Christ too. It is what is done for the Lord that will last. Let’s get back to the basis! May you and I be awake to meet our lord and may we be welcomed as his faithful servant (Amen).


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